8 Reasons to Check Out Tattoo Girl

Tattoo Girl is one of Uplike’s games which you can play for FREE! It has beautiful graphics, it’s intuitive and simple to play and you can compete with others. The perfect way to spend your commute, coffee break or in between homework sessions. It’s pretty addictive so get ready for a fun, boredom-free ride! If you love tattoos, free games, or both, then this game was MADE for you!

1.How to play

Tattoo Girl

Uplike has created a YouTube video which gives you a quick 30 second overview of the game. It is totally easy to learn: you just have to tap, hold and then drag your finger over a group of 3 or more of the same tattoos to make them disappear. The objective is to be quick and reach the target score within the given time-period. Easy!

2. Cute Tattoo Girls

Girls love tattoos


We love the cute tattoo girls at the bottom of each level, they look like old-school pin-ups. The adorable manga style of the game is very appealing, and the tattoos themselves are neat! The dreamcatcher, feather, skull, flower and anchor designs are totally retro. It’s very rare to find a tattoo-themed game, so we’re all aboard this ship!

3. Tons of levels


This game has over 200 levels so you won’t reach the end too quickly (yay!). There’s nothing worse than when things end too quickly, whether they’re games, TV shows or lunchtime. Amirite?

4. Competition


You can also compete with your friends and compare scores on the leaderboards via Uplike, so it has a fun social component too. This is not solitaire!

5. Boosters!


You have access to a selection of funky boosters to make the game even more exciting and unpredictable. Woo!

6. Unlimited lives

tattoo girl stickers

Most importantly, you get unlimited lives so you don’t have to stop and wait for ages before you can start playing again. Play whenever YOU want to!

7. Great ratings

stylish stickers

Although this is a relatively new game, it’s already had great ratings, scoring a 4.1/5 on Google Play. Most people have given it a whopping 5/5 so we’re pretty sure you’re gonna love this. You can download it on Google Play here or on iTunes here.

8. Tattoos


If you’re feeling inspired by this game to go and look at tattoos, or even get a tattoo yourself, head on over to Uplike and look through the myriad of beautiful tattoos upliked by users. It’s the perfect place to look for ideas and inspiration or just admire the awesomeness!